3d Prints and Waterslide Transfers for Tram Modellers

Size and scale information

The majority of 3d prints and transfers we offer are originally produced for 00 scale (1:76, or 4mm/ft), with some also already available in N or 0. However the techniques used for producing the artwork lends itself in some cases to rescaling up or down, so we can produce some of them to any scale from N to 0 (even G for some transfers). N gauge prints/transfers are generally British n gauge (1:148), but 'typhoo' (approx 1:133) is also available to match the Lesney models made popular by the Typhoo copies. Other possible scales are N(USA/1:160), N(2mm/1:152), TT(3mm/1:101), TT(USA/1:120), H0(3.5mm/1:87), S(1:64), 0(US/1:48), 0(7mm/1:43.5).

If you want a model/transfers in one these alternative scales, please get in touch.

About Tramads 3D Prints

Tramads 3D printed tram body shells (00 or smaller scales) are printed in Shapeways "Detail Plastic" (formerly know as Frosted Ultra Detail), and consist of a raw resin-like shell. This then needs to be thouroughly cleaned ready for painting. Some are were previously available in Shapeways Black HDA, but this has now been discontinued, and although some pictures used here still show the bodies in HDA, they are all now only available in FUD. One or two of the pictures shown are of pre-production test prints, and the models now offered will incorporate small improvements. 0 scale bodies are generally too big or expensive to print in Detail Plastic, and are in a slightly rougher but much tougher material which needs some painting/sanding effort to produce a smooth surface if required.
We are also developing a small range of chassis, floor, and interior parts produced in PLA on our own 3d printer. These are designed to accept drives/bogies from manufacturers such as Halling or Hollywood Foundry, to make these trams easier to finish. Please note these drives are not included with any Tramads bundles and must be sourced by the modeller.
All other parts to complete the model must be made or supplied by your preferred model shop. White metal parts packs for many of these are now available from KW Trams.

About Tramads 3D Transfers

Most Tramads transfers are produced on our own professional printer, and should be easy to apply, however they do differ from the commercially screen printed transfers you may be used to getting with plastic kits. More info is available here.

Please email here if you have any questions on any of our transfers or prints. Please note that Shapeways material specifications and pricing are subject to change, and therefore it is possible one or more models may be temporarily or permanently unavailable, or at revised prices. In the event that such changes affect a model after ordering, a refund or alternative product will be offered. Also note that where transfer sets are shown for Leeds models, the crests are not included unless specifically mentioned; this is because Sunrise already produce these.