Size and scale information

The majority of transfers we offer are originally produced for 00 scale (1:76, or 4mm/ft). However the technique used for producing the artwork lends itself well to rescaling without loss of quality, so we can produce many of them to any scale from N to G. Currently we are in the process of adding these to the listings, but please do ask if you want anything in another scale than is shown. N gauge transfers are generally British n gauge (1:148), but 'typhoo' (approx 1:125) is also available. Note that the N gauge short side ads fit the Oxford die-cast Preston 3 window model, and the n gauge long ads fit the matchbox/typhoo E1 model.

Side advert for trams come in three main sizes. Short, for older four wheel trams; Standard for modern four wheel trams; Long for modern bogie trams. Some ads can be produced in more than one size, but others cannot be resized without unnaceptable distortion of fonts or graphics. In general we produce ads based on prototype, so if an ad appeared in different lengths in real life we will do the same here. If the ad you want is available in more than one size, please let us know which size you want.

Note also that these lengths are not definitive, eg the Middleton Bogies generally use standard length ads, whereas the Pilchers often use the long ads. We recommend you study photos of your desired prototype, but please feel free to email for advice if unsure.

Some ads are produced to specific sizes to represent a particular prototype, and these will be shown as "custom" size.