Please note Tramads will be closed from Christmas Eve until 1st March 2018 due to workshop and website upgrades.

This is TramAds, where you can find waterslide transfers (decals) for your model trams. We have a range of side and end adverts, available in 00 (4mm/ft) as well as N (2mm/ft), with many that can also be produced in 0 (7mm). If you need an ad in a particular size which is not listed, please contact us, as we may well be able to produce it.

We do a few special sets, eg one to convert the Corgi LPTB Feltham into it's guise as Leeds 509, and a set for the Majestic Trams Middleton Bogie kit which includes ads, destinations, and the white bands with lining and fleet numbers, making finishing this model much easier than painting.

We now also do a small range of 3d printed tram bodies. These are mostly 00 scale Leeds models, and require other parts for finishing, but allow the modeller to make models for which no kits are available. More additions to the range are planned as time allows.



Recently Added

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