Transfers for Liverpool

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Item number: TM506LFC
Liverpool Bellamy First Class Set
Transfer set for the KW trams kit, comprising Waist, rocker panel, dash, upper deck, star stringers and dest board.

Price 00 scale £8.00
Item number: TM008LLT
Liverpool's Last Tram Set
Set comprises the Main side wording with Dates, Smaller dates for ends, Legals, fleet numbers, destinations, crests and lining with greek corners. 00 version has lower deck sides (crest, legals, lining) in a single transfer.

Price 0 scale £11.30
Price 00 scale £7.00
Item number: TS011VER
Vernons Millions Side Advert
Also available with "For a BIG win" and "For the BIGGEST dividend"

Price 00 scale £0.50
Price 0 scale £0.90
Price N scale £0.45