Transfers for Blackpool

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Item number: TL005BCT
Blackpool Crest
Set of four - please select the colour of the panel this will go on: green or cream come with green garter, whilst teak has a red garter.

Price 00 scale £1.50
Price 0 scale £2.00
Item number: TL007BWL
Blackpool Wave Logo
Set of four "wave" logos, 2 each of Blackpool and Fleetwood Tramway and Blackpool Transport.

Price N scale £1.20
Price 00 scale £1.50
Price 0 scale £2.00
Item number: TM010BSG
Blackpool Standard Set
Set for 159 (green), 147 (green with Michael Airey) or 40 (Red/Teak) comprises upper deck side and end panel lining, lower deck side and rocker panels with crests and lining, dashes with fleet number and lining, bulkhead panels and destinations blinds.

Price 00 scale £4.40
Item number: TM003NOS
Number 6 Roof BoxSet
Set for one box, ie two sides and one end.

Price 00 scale £1.00
Price 0 scale £1.60
Price N scale £0.80