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Item number: TM004ASL
Aberdeen Streamliner Advert Set
Two upper deck side ads and two lower deck dash ads. Note the originals are sign-written onto the cream paint, so these transfers are on clear background, meaning you will need to paint the cream background for the dash ads.

Price 0 scale £3.00
Price 00 scale £1.80
Item number: TM010BSG
Blackpool Standard Set
Set for 159 (green), 147 (green with Michael Airey) or 40 (Red/Teak) comprises upper deck side and end panel lining, lower deck side and rocker panels with crests and lining, dashes with fleet number and lining, bulkhead panels and destinations blinds.

Price 00 scale £4.40
Item number: TM013ELT
Edinburgh Last Tram Set
This set includes all the transfers needed for the special Edinburgh Last Week livery, ie the upper and lower deck panels, side destination and upper destination lights, stair panel, window frames and roof motifs. Currently available in 00, this could also be produced in 0 - if interested, please contact us.

Price 00 scale £7.00
Item number: TM012GHS
Gateshead Single Deck Set
Set of two long side ads (Newcastle Brown Ale & Numol), four corner ads (2x Binns, 2x Sunlight Soap),two rocker panel linings, and two Front Exit signs.

Price 00 scale £5.50
Price 0 scale £9.00
Item number: TM083LDS
Leeds Early open-top Full Set
Set to detail the KW Trams early Leeds (ex-Liverpool) open-top tram. Set comprises side ads (Van Houtens Cocoa and Pelaw Polish), end ads (Empire), waist panels including lining, fleet number and crest, rocker panels including general manager name, bulkhead panels with lining, inner and outer stair stringers with lining, destinations (corn exchange) and dash panels with lining and large fleet number. (Kit available from

Price 00 scale £5.50
Item number: TM509LDS
Leeds Feltham 509 Conversion set
Set to convert the Corgi LPTB Feltham into it's guise as Leeds 509. Set comprises Side ads (Hammonds Ales and Lexem Bread/Thrift Stores), cream dash bands with lining and fleet numbers, end and side destinations (route 11 to Gipton), and Prams and Luggage notices for the front entrances.

Price 00 scale £4.40
Item number: TM399HYC
Leeds Hamilton 399 Set
This set includes all the transfers needed to produce a model of Leeds 399 in the Primrose/White/Brown Livery as restored at Crich. It includes all adverts, and lining for the upper and lower deck panels, as well as the dashes with the large fleet numbers.

Price 00 scale £7.00
Item number: TM007LMB
Leeds Middleton Bogie Detailing Set
Set for Tramalan/Majestic Leeds Middleton Bogie Kit, in 1950s red livery. Set comprises two side adverts (Melbourne Ales/CWS), Lined white bands for upper and lower deck, with fleet numbers and lining (both early wide and later narrow bands included), also end and side destination blinds.

Price 00 scale £4.40
Item number: TM506LFC
Liverpool Bellamy First Class Set
Transfer set for the KW trams kit, comprising Waist, rocker panel, dash, upper deck, star stringers and dest board.

Price 00 scale £8.00
Item number: TM008LLT
Liverpool's Last Tram Set
Set comprises the Main side wording with Dates, Smaller dates for ends, Legals, fleet numbers, destinations, crests and lining with greek corners. 00 version has lower deck sides (crest, legals, lining) in a single transfer.

Price 0 scale £11.30
Price 00 scale £7.00
Item number: TM051SDC
Southampton Demicar Set
This set comprises the rocker and waist panels plus the end panels, for Southampton Demicar 51, including lining, crest, legals and fleet numbers.

Price 00 scale £4.40
Item number: TS045LTT
Tourist Tram Side Advert Set
One pair.

Price H0 scale £1.00