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Crests etc.

Item number: TL005BCT
Blackpool Crest
Set of four - please select the colour of the panel this will go on: green or cream come with green garter, whilst teak has a red garter.

Price 00 scale £1.50
Price 0 scale £2.00
Item number: TL007BWL
Blackpool Wave Logo
Set of four "wave" logos, 2 each of Blackpool and Fleetwood Tramway and Blackpool Transport.

Price N scale £1.20
Price 00 scale £1.50
Price 0 scale £2.00
Item number: TL006ECC
Edinburgh Corporation Crest
These crests are supplied on a white background, as they appeared on later Edinburgh trams, and as such must be trimmed leaving the white border as per the prototype being modelled.

Price 00 scale £1.00
Price 0 scale £1.50
Item number: TL001LOG
Leeds City Transport Logo
Pair of logos in gold with black edging as used on some Middleton Bogies, HR2 or Post-war car 276 around 1948-50. Limited availability.

Price 00 scale £2.40
Item number: TL002DST
Leeds City Transport Destination Blind
Route number and destination blinds are available for most Leeds tram types from 1940-1959. Please ask for more details.

Price from 00 scale £0.20