3d Prints and Waterslide Transfers for Tram Modellers

About Tramads

Many years ago I used to make model trams, but family and work commitments increased and it all got put on the back burner. Then a couple of years ago I started again, this time specifically 00 gauge models of Leeds Trams. Having built and painted some I wanted to create an authentic finished model by putting the correct advertisements on them. As few were available commercially, I looked into the avaiable technology and discovered it was possible to produce my own waterslide transfers which I began to do for my own models. Some of my friends in the hobby then also wanted some specific adverts, so I began producing more. Word spread and I started to get requests from further afield, so I decided to set up TramAds in order to make these transfers available to other tram modellers.

Much of the artwork used for these transfers will rescale to any size so we can supply them for any scale from N to G. A few of them, notably those with gold in, or certain combinations using white, have to be produced using a different technique with a higher minimum order, so these are generally only produced only in 00 scale. If you want any of these in another scale, please ask as it may be possible.

The transfers are printed using professional quality materials and equipment, but are not the same as the screen-printed items you may be used to using from plastic kit manufacturers. Please see our how to apply page, and if you have any questions or concerns please get in touch and we will be happy to help.

A few words about he models shown on this site. Many of you will recognise the Corgi Feltham and EFE Horsfield die-cast models, and there are also white metal BEC Kits versions of both these trams. But what really made modelling Leeds properly possible was the production bodies using 3d printing technology, first by Grime Street Industries (The Middleton Bogie, Pivotal (Chamberlain), Pilcher, and Post war four wheeler are all examples from this excellent manufacturer's range), and now I have started producing 3d prints of my own. I'd also like to thank those who have had transfers from me and been kind enough to allow me to use photos of their models on this site: I won't name them for fear of offending any I miss, but if you are one of them your help is appreciated.